the ladies of LexRx

the ladies of LexRx


We couldn't have bigger girl crushes on the ladies of LexRx and the business they have built. LexRx is a boutique practice that specializes in lips, lines and lashes, and in their words, "nothing more, nothing less." Alexa and Alex (both NPs) take a conservative approach to Botox and dermal filler treatments, expertly blending art and science, bringing out natural beauty. 

We asked them a few questions about how they got started, their passions, and we guarantee you will fall in love with them as much as we did. 

T: Tell us about your friendship and how you met

LexRx: We met in graduate school at Regis College, in Weston, Mass, both in the BSN/MSN program to become Nurse Practitioners. We met in the first semester when Alex began to feel lightheaded and I (Alexa) ran over to check her blood pressure. It was an instant connection for a lifelong friendship.

T: Why Lips, Lines, and Lashes?  

LexRx: Ever met someone who openly talked about getting a few fine lines filled on their face, or a plump to their lips? Cultural stigmas and botches Botox jobs have kept those conversations from being had openly. LexRx is a boutique dermatology practice with a focus on minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, changing the way aesthetics is currently being marketed to the masses. Our approach to marketing non-invasive inject-able treatments bridges the gap between beauty, lifestyle, and medicine - and industry first.  

T: Tell us about your model

LexRx: Our practice model was inspired by that of Drybar, focusing solely on inject-ables with a unique service menus, creatively trademarked "the LexRx LineUp." Our transparent pricing and realistic facial illustrations help our clients to self-identify their needs with our recommended treatment. We stand by the motto, "Look good, feel good, play good." We truly believe that putting your best face forward can boost confidence and help you excel in all aspects of life.  

T: What are the reasons you love to work with your best friends? Any challenges? 

LexRx: Working alongside your best friend is truly amazing and we are so lucky to have found one another. We share so many of the same passions and humor - we are constantly laughing at work together and have created a practice that is fun, approachable and loving. We are a family orientated business and our husbands are also heavily involved in the day-to-day operations at LexRx.

Our only challenge is that we have no boundaries! Phone calls, text messages, and emails relating to business matters do not stop at 5pm. We will often be texting one another at midnight, because as best friends and business partners, that's socially acceptable! 

T: Where do you hope LexRx will be in the next 5 years?  

LexRx: We have huge plans and visions for the next 5 years. We have carefully and diligently crafted a business model that grows and is attractive. We hope to grow by adding new locations beyond the Boston market, where we currently have clients, such as New York and California.

T: What is the struggle of being your own boss and growing your own business, how do you overcome it?  

LexRx: Everyone today is "sooo busy," but we truly are SO busy. Our passion for our craft runs deep, and we often find ourselves having a hard time finding work/life balance, so much of our personal lives overlap with our work lives. For us, taking the time to workout, laugh, and escape the expected challenge of running a business is vital.  

Note: They have also started multiple series with updates found on their social media sites. These include but not limited to, Sweat with Lex, Inject with Lex, local opportunities for the two Lex's to engage with their customers and show their appreciation for all of the support. These are all complementary to clients! 

T: What inspires you?  

LexRx: Success. Being able to watch our vision and passion come to life has been so inspiring. We have definitely faced push back from individuals about our model and vision, however we have not let it deter us from pursuing what we believe in.  

T: What do you enjoy doing outside of your careers?  

LexRx: We are both fur parents! Alex is a dog mon to Dabo, and I (Alexa) am a cat mom to Sasha. Alex is also expecting baby #1 in early 2018!

T: Favorite dish to cook?  

Alexa: Any and all things with cheese!  

Alex: Red Thai curry chicken soup! Or, Taco night. 

(We're coming over for dinner)

T: Favorite place in Boston?  

Alexa: I live in Charlestown, and I truly LOVE my neighborhood. There is nothing I enjoy more than waking up and walking to grab an iced coffee at Zumes Coffee House, with my husband.  

Alex: The North End! I love everything about it, the history, the food, the cobblestone streets, the shopping! Brighton is also a favorite, as it's been home for the last 14 years.  

T: Last question, I promise. What is your guilty pleasure? 

Alexa: I am a total news junkie, in another life I would love to be a news reporter.  

Alex: Dancing with the Stars, cookie dough ice cream, and a good magazine.  

Read more about the LexRx Team here and follow their Instagram page here, for all new updates and invites! 

*This interview has been edited and condensed.  

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